Duality Candles

Duality Candles


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Enjoy our perfectly balanced candle scents, sold as a bundle to offer duality between meditative and wakeful states. We have carefully chosen and sourced each natural scent to be present but subtle. The candles have a gentle flicker and a fragrance that isn't overpowering or perfumey. We use a high end soy wax designed for scent diffusion.

This candle bundle comes with two individual 4 ounce candles:

- Nectarine & Honey. This is a light and fresh, almost powdery nectarine scent at the base with top notes of honey and citrus. Designed to diffuse into a pleasant dreamy aroma that promotes a relaxation state.

- Sage & Sea Salt. This is a bolder and brighter scent with herby base notes of sage, middle notes of Cyprus with a briney citrus finish, topped with Himalayan pink salt. Designed to diffuse into a fresh aroma that promotes a feeling of energy and wakefulness.

Both candles are included in this bundle and come in either a bronze or silver tin.


These soy candles are carefully mixed and poured by hand with both wax and tin sourced from 100% Canadian manufacturers. We meticulously weigh out scent to wax ratios so you get the perfect scent that is light and not over powering when you burn them.

Our guarantees to you:

  • Always small batch
  • Hand measured, poured and decorated
  • 100% Canadian super high quality refined soy Wax
  • 100% Canadian aluminum tins
  • 100% Queer owned company.